Carbon monoxide testing should be undertaken at least every two years on any property containing a gas heater.

A leak can be difficult to detect, as it does not omit a scent. Carbon monoxide poisoning is caused when the substance is leaked from a defective wall furnace, ducted heating system, or space heater; resulting in undesired effects on the human body.

As fully licensed gas technicians, we are happy to service your gas heaters. We are able to effectively detect any malfunctions that may be present, and ensure that all gas heating units on your property are safe.


We are able to safely install and provide service on all your gas appliances.

As licensed gas fitters, we do this in compliance with current regulations, and ensure that manufacturer specifications are met. Some gas appliances we install and service include: – Heaters – Hot water services – Ovens – Barbeques – Stoves
As fully qualified gas fitters, we can install new gas pipes, extend existing gas supply pipes, install extra gas points for gas appliances, and connect barbeques to natural gas lines.

We are licensed gas fitters and are equipped with the appropriate technology and knowledge required to effectively detect the source of any gas leaks on your premises.

We ensure that we always carry all the tools required to repair leaks, so that we can promptly resolve any issues within the property.

Signs you may have a gas leak include:
  • Being able to distinctly smell the scent of gas
  • Higher than usual gas bills
  • A hissing sound coming from near your gas meter

Gas is highly combustible and leaks can pose risk if not detected and resolved. If you believe that you are experiencing a gas leak, do not attempt to fix it yourself. If safe to do so, switch off the power at the fuse box, shut off the gas meter valve, evacuate the premises, and contact a licensed gas fitter.